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Marketing/sales position: 市场/营销/拓展专员  

工作地点: 上海             工作年限: 二年以上

语言要求: 英语精通 日语        历: 本科


Under the direct supervision of the Region Manager for Eastern Asia, you will be part of the marketing department of GeoConcept in  Shanghai  and help set-up our new office in   China   and follow-up on our existing Japanese office.  

 - Look into candidates with experience in operational sales & marketing in   China   (experience in commercial lead generation (Finding new contacts, Build up of a Customer Database – CRM, etc…)). Experiences in FMCGs, Retails, and Bank sectors are a plus.  

- It is now ok if the candidates do not speak Japanese.  

 Your mission is to ensure:
*The Marketing, Commercial build-up of the brand in Asia:
1.Creation of pre-sales materials (demonstrations, presentation, videos...)
2.Maintenance and updates on the Chinese and Japanese websites of GeoConcept as well as the Eastern Asia market oriented content on the English website.
3. Social Media management.
4. News articles, newsletters publication
5.Search Engine Optimization.
6. Event management.
7. Translation &/or creation of marketing materials (brochures, posters)
*the client follow-up:
1.CRM management and rigorous client follow-up.
2.Networking and research of new contacts
1.Travels within China & to Japan are possible
2.Travel to France is possible, once a year

1.Bachelor or Master Degree in a related field, must have IT background (MS or MBA in Sales/Marketing will be a real plus)
2.Wording experience: 2 years of related experience in pre-sales or, at least, experiences which are customer-oriented (customer projects)
3.Computer software technologies: Adobe Creative Suite & Microsoft Office....
4.Marketing strategy: knowledge of the Shanghai GIS market or of the Shanghai businesses we will target (sales network, IT services...). A candidate with personal connections with potential customer can be, of course, a must.
5. GIS technologies in general: GIS, web knowledge (to install a server and deal with web service), database (organization, queries...). Development competencies are interesting. A good candidate with "adjacent" knowledge (= tech knowledge which can help to understand quickly GIS, like Data-Mining, CRM...) can be considered but only if he does very well on all other criteria.
6. Chinese & Japanese & English written and spoken fluently
7.Communication: abilities to clearly explain and positively interact (be concrete, well present arguments...) are essentials. Communication skills are not only related to face-to-face but also written and phone communications.
8. Motivation: the candidate must show motivation to join a "start-up" like GC China (!). Motivation for our project but also related to the will to convince, interact, collaborate (team work)...
9.Rigorous, autonomous, curious and dynamic, organized, sense of customer service, ability to work within a multidisciplinary team.  


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